[Nintendo 64] Command & Conquer

Command & Conquer
Full nameCommand & Conquer
File size12.4MB
Genre Strategy
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

To challenge the creativity and agility of logical thinking, Westwood Studios and Virgin Interactive released an addictive real-time strategy game – Command & Conquer (1995 video game).

The gameplay

Coming to this game, you will be involved in intense battles between two factions. After a mysterious meteorite fell to Earth, it brought an alien chemical called Tiberium because the meteorite is located near the Italian river Tiber. When Tiberium contact with the Earth’s minerals, they can create precious metals and promote strong industrial development. Recognizing the enormous cost of this material, an organization was known as Brotherhood of Nod began monopolizing the Tiberium crystal mining market and using it to build a mighty military force. In contrast, the Global Defense Initiative (GDI) wants nations to exploit this unique mineral to create a powerful society. Due to ideological opposition, the two organizations fought each other after a terrorist event that was determined to be carried out by members of Brotherhood of Nod.

The game mode

In the game, you will discover fascinating strategic challenges. Besides, the game provides you with a campaign mode and some special missions. In the campaign, players can join 2 unique battle mission systems: 1 part of the Brotherhood of Nod and 1 part of the Global Defense Initiative (GDI). The mission system in this mode is relatively easy to understand. You will have to build your army to destroy enemies or occupy their bases. Besides, each faction will own different battle units. In particular, Brotherhood of Nod owns many different combat units, and the cost to own these units is relatively comfortable. However, Nod battle units often have normal specifications. You need to use smart strategies to be able to defeat the opponent. On the other hand, GDI has combat units with good specifications, but they are expensive. Therefore, players must quickly exploit and accumulate large numbers of Tiberium crystals to develop the army.

In each game, your main goal is to exploit as many resources as possible and quickly develop the army. Mining resources is relatively simple, but you need clever calculations to be able to build an optimized defensive system. From there, you can easily own the strong combat units and invade the lands.

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