[Nintendo 64] Cruis’n USA (V1.2)

Cruis’n USA (V1.2)
Full nameCruis'n USA (V1.2)
File size4.2MB
Genre Racing
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Cruis’n USA is one of the most interesting versions of the Cruis’n game series. This is a great racing game, in which the racetrack will focus on the famous places in the United States. You will compete in a route stretching from Golden Gate Park of Sanfrancisco to the capital of the United States – Washington DC. Unlike other races like games with similar content, in addition to completing the race the fastest, players will receive a countdown timer at the top of the screen. It means that each race you participate in will have a limited time to play. To complete the challenge, you need to quickly pass the various checkpoints on the way to increase the playing time. The most important thing is that you do not let the countdown timer run to 0.

In addition, each match will take place in different areas, and you will be playing with nine opponents at the same time. To get to the # 1 position and control the countdown timer, you need to have good reflexes to avoid the obstacles on the way. During the race, you will encounter many obstacles. Gamers have to avoid colliding with them, such as the construction site or other vehicles on the road. Poor vehicle control and poor observation will cause you to collide with the above obstacles. From there, your vehicle will slow down or be left behind the opponent. Of course, your chances of winning will decrease over time.

Besides, Cruis’n USA has 7 different racing cars for you to explore. Each will have unique advantages and disadvantages. Completing each race with no.1 position will help you unlock a new car or get a new color to equip the vehicles. In particular, equipped with new colors will help your vehicle to upgrade specifications and help you get more advantages over your opponents. Each color will correspond to a different upgrade version. The colors you receive (upgraded version) will depend on the level and track you have completed. There are 10 different tracks for players to experience with 3 levels of easy race, 4 levels of medium level, and 3 levels of difficulty.

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