[Nintendo 64] Cruis'n World

Cruis'n World
Full nameCruis'n World
File size10.1MB
Genre Racing
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

In Cruis’n World, players will participate in many fascinating races in different regions of the world. You will enjoy the feeling of fast driving on unique racetracks in America, Asia, or Europe. This game was released by Eurocom in North America (September 28, 1998), and Europe (June 25, 1998), exclusively for Nintendo 64

Main Game modes

Besides, the game allows you to explore challenges through the single-player or multiplayer modes. It also offers 3 more different game modes for players to enjoy. Also, Cruise The World offers exciting races with limited time, allowing you to compete against 8 different opponents. In multiplayer mode, gamers have the task of overcoming opponents and checkpoints along the way to gain more time. With the time limit to play, you need to have good control and quickly pass the checkpoints so that your timer will not drop to zero. If you cannot reach the checkpoints and your time is down to 0, the challenge will stop.

The Championship mode

In Championship mode, you will play in a tournament and need to pass many different races to win the final. Participating in tournaments requires you to compete continuously and through many different rounds. To continue exploring the following stages of the tournament, players need to win every match. Next, Practice mode will help you get used to many different tracks in the game. With this mode, gamers can compete with a computer to improve their skills. From there, you will gain confidence and be ready to participate in other game modes.

Vehicle system and difficulty levels

In addition to the attractive game mode, the manufacturer provides gamers with many different types of cars and race tracks. Before starting each race, the game will give you a choice of the cars, each of which will have its specifications for your reference. Thus, it helps you choose a suitable car. Besides, the racing system is designed differently, which will take you to many countries around the world. You can start with the race in Hawaii and travel across 5 continents with many environments. Also, the game has 3 separate levels for players to choose from including Easy, Medium, and Expert.

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