[Nintendo 64] Custom Robo V2

Custom Robo V2
Full nameCustom Robo V2
File size11.6MB
Region Japan Japan
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Custom Robo V2 is an exciting combat role-playing game for the Nintendo 64 game console. It is the 2nd version of Custom Robo Series. The setting of this game series takes place in the future. Instead of using boxers to compete in fighting matches, people will use robots to fight in different arenas across the universe. Each arena will be designed with different terrains and environments that bring unique challenges for each match.

Game modes

Custom Robo V2 gives you 4 different game modes including 2 main modes are Single Player and multiplayer. In particular, this version is the first version allowing 4 players to participate in 1 battle. Previous versions only allowed a maximum of 2 players to compete with each other. In addition, it also has 2 unique game modes available: Robot Battle and Campaign the World.


In Robot Battle, you will be sent to different arenas to fight. Your robot will allow you to use a variety of weapons to attack and defeat enemies (they include bombs, machine guns, melee …). The robots will be brought to the arena using Robocannon and there are 6 different landing methods for players to enjoy. In each match, each robot will be provided with its own HP bar with a maximum score of 1000. To win, you need to attack enemies with smart strategies and deal more damage to the HP bar. opponent’s drop to zero. In addition to the attack mission, you also have to move continuously (robots can run, jump backward, or jump into the air) to avoid enemy attacks. Besides, in the arena, there will be many different obstacles for you to hide. Take advantage of these obstacles to neutralize the enemy’s attack and ensure the robot’s HP bar is stable. The key to victory is to move scientifically and choose the right attack timing. In addition, you also need to coordinate many different attack skills to be able to defeat the opponent in a short time.

Campaign the World will bring challenges according to the available plot system. Explore this mode, you have the task of defeating many different opponents to collect robots and necessary items to upgrade your robot. Collecting upgrade items and robots in this mode is very important. It allows you to unlock many new attacks. From there, you will be ready to face dangerous opponents in complex stages later. The plot system will be arranged in many different stages. Each stage allows you to meet many new characters. From there, you will participate in fierce matches to complete the mission and advance to the next stages of the game.

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