[Nintendo 64] Dark Rift

Dark Rift
Full nameDark Rift
File size7.0MB
Genre Action , Fighting
Region Europe Europe
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Following Cardinal Syn and Criticom’s story, Dark Rift was released on Nintendo 64. After the major events of the Criticom, the creatures of the Dark Dimension became demons. There is no way the planet has been purified and the angels have not been created any more. On this planet there are energy crystals, which are the basic elements to create the Master Key, which contains many secrets in the universe. It is how humans revive the Dark Dimension. One day, the creatures discovered the existence of the Dark Dimension inside a strange drop of water in outer space. However, it broke into three pieces when trying to remove it by other creatures. This mysterious water drop has expanded and become a dark rift. They pose great dangers to the entire universe.


Dark Rift is a fighting game where the player’s goal is to collect all the crystals by winning battles. Initially, players will be selected one of the two available characters to participate in the battle. Your opponents are other randomly selected creatures. A battle has three innings and the player needs to win the two in order to completely defeat the opponent. At the end of the battle, you will receive crystals to accomplish your goal. Also, you need to win many subsequent battles to unlock new characters. In battle, players need to create dangerous blows to defeat opponents as quickly as possible. When your opponent is defending, you only need to attack the locations where your opponent is open to dealing damage. Unlike other fighting games, players need to understand how each action works to make the right decision. The character has the ability to attack from above, attack underfoot, and attack the opponent’s body. The game does not have a mechanism to create dangerous combos, players just need to learn how to use the character’s special skills to increase damage.


The graphics of this version are highly appreciated by many players. This is the only game on the Nintendo 64 to use 60 frames per second. All the character’s action details are displayed very smoothly. Players will have a better experience and be able to experience this game continuously for a long time. However, the character’s skill system and actions are not too diverse. There are some special skills that have very nice effects and make the battle more interesting.

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