[Nintendo 64] Densha De Go! 64

Densha De Go! 64
Full nameDensha De Go! 64
File size17.7MB
Region Japan Japan
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Today, the train is a popular type of transportation in the world. Probably, anyone has used this transportation service once in their lifetime, but they don’t know how to operate this giant vehicle. To satisfy everyone’s curiosity, DENSHA DE GO! 64 was released on Nintendo 64 in 1998. In the game, the player becomes a train driver, who is responsible for controlling the train in the tasks of carrying passengers to the required location.

How to play

The gameplay is very simple, and the player will not take long to learn about it. DENSHA DE GO! 64 has 16 missions that take place on seven different railways in Japan. They are Tōkaidō Main Line, Keihin-Tōhoku Line, Yamanote Line, Akita Shinkansen Line, Hokuhoku Line, Ōu Main Line and Tazawako Line. Initially, the train will come from a train station and be full of passengers. You will have to drive it to the next station. On the screen, there will be a device that measures your speed and distance to the next station. You need to keep track of these parameters to make sure your train is in good operation and arrive at the next destination on time. Besides, there will be a limited time for players to complete the mission. If you are unable to finish the journey within the time limit, you will have to play it again.

In addition to maintaining the speed of the train, gamers need to control the train properly. When traveling to a curve or crossroads, you need to reduce the speed to make sure safety. If the accident occurs, you will be reduced the time limit to complete the task. Therefore, the task will become more complicated, and players need to control the train well to avoid creating accidents. When a passenger appears at the train station, you need to stop for new passengers to board the train. At the end of the journey, players will receive a reward corresponding to the achievement you have made. Also, completing the task in a short time helps you get more bonuses. You can use this bonus to buy a new train.

The trains collection

In the game, there are 13 different train types to choose from. Each of them has different speed and stability indexes. Of course, the most expensive train is the best, and it is difficult for players to own them. Therefore, your goal is to complete as many tasks as possible to get more bonuses and buy the best train.

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