[Nintendo 64] Derby Stallion 64

Derby Stallion 64
Full nameDerby Stallion 64
File size19.2MB
Region Japan Japan
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Derby Stallion is an interesting horse racing simulation game. The game was developed by ASCII Entertainment and published by Nintendo on December 21, 1991. It allows players to become the owner of a horse farm. This game will bring many business challenges and attractive farm management to players. Your main task is to develop your business and be on the G1 Racer list (Group 1 – list of smartest riders and managers).

To conquer this unique challenge, you will start managing your horse farm and choosing the best horses to participate in races. Farm management will not be simple. There are many different jobs that you have to take care of. From the basic horses at the beginning of the game, you must take care of them carefully and ensure they have good health to be able to participate in the SRA – Sonobe Racing Association (a fantasy tournament). In addition to taking care of horses and participating in races, you can bet to make money in each race. If you have a good horse and have reasonable bets, you will quickly get a steady profit to expand the horse farm.

In addition, the expansion of the farm will require clever management plans so that the horses are always in good health and ready for races. Along with the task of taking care of the horse, you also have to choose the horses that are in good shape and health to participate in the breeding process. With a selective breeding process and scientific calculations, you will get the good ponies. From there, you need to take good care of them until they grow up and make money. Besides, players can also participate in the horse market, which allows you to sales and purchases horses. Besides, you can also make a lot of money by selling your healthy horses. Overall, good management and sound business planning will help you get on the G1 list quickly.

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