[Nintendo 64] Doom 64

Doom 64
Full nameDoom 64
File size6.7MB
Genre Shooter
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

After Doom II: Hell on Earth finished, Midway Games continued releasing a new game named Doom 64.

In this version, humanity had to face the invasion of demons on earth. When the hell opened, a lot of demons appeared and destroyed all the creatures around them. At this point, the army used an energy cannon to destroy the moon and close the hell gates. Initially, this project was successful when the number of demons was greatly reduced. After that, a beast was immune to energy rays and survived. The army could not reach areas that had been damaged by energy rays, and they did not know that nightmares were coming. The remaining demon used its ability to revive other demons and continue to create even a bigger threat to the world. Besides, a small force of the army conducted a campaign to prevent the invasion of hell at sea. But they were slaughtered in minutes when a huge army of demons appeared from the hell gate.

In addition, players will continue to control Hell Walker and destroy all demons along the way. The game is divided into different stages, each of which will have a unique story for players to explore. Initially, gamers will use light guns with small power. You need to kill demons and collect new weapons to become stronger. There will be many different types of demons appearing to hinder the player’s journey. So, you need to use weapons appropriately to destroy the beast quickly. For example, with giant and highly defensive demons, players need to use guns with greater damage to kill them quickly. In the game, the weapon system is very diverse such as pistols, saws, laser guns, railguns, bazooka, short guns, Gatling guns… All these weapons come from the future. Besides, gamers can collect more new weapons. You just need to move to locations such as military warehouses, storage yards, warehouses in the Deimos and Phobos areas. When you come to the final stage, you will face a huge army of demons. They will appear everywhere. At this point, you must be very careful and try your best to destroy them quickly. Also, the boss will appear at the end of this period. After killing it, you will free the world and win the final.

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