[Nintendo 64] Doraemon – Mittsu No Seireiseki

Doraemon – Mittsu No Seireiseki
Full nameDoraemon - Mittsu No Seireiseki
File size4.3MB
Genre Adventure , Educational
Region Japan Japan
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

DORAEMON – MITTSU NO SEIREISEKI is the first version of an engaging action and adventure game series. It was developed based on the DORAEMON series. It was only released in the Japanese market in 1997. This game has a single-player mode. However, you can change and use many different characters during the game. Besides, the characters that you can use are Doremon, Jaian, Suneo, Shizuka, and Nobita.

The story

In the game, the story involves Doraemon’s journey to find the magical pocket and defeat the evil Demon King. In a certain land, the Demon King was held captive by 3 magic stones for a long time to prevent him from destroying the fairy world. However, he managed to escape and attack the fairy world to avenge his imprisonment. After the Demon King escaped, the princess of the sky received her father’s mission to the human world and borrowed Doraemon’s magic bag.

After that, the magic bag is stolen. At this point, Doraemon and other characters started their journey to find the bag. While searching for the bag, they meet the sky princess. She said that the one who stole Doraemon’s bag was a demon disguised her. Also, people discovered that the tools inside the miraculous bag had disappeared in various areas.

Challenging levels

In the game, players will be involved in 4 different levels. In which, the first 3 levels will hide the magic stones. At this point, players need to collect all 3 of these stones to prepare for defeating the Demon King at the last level. Besides, each level will be designed with a separate map system for players to explore and search for magic stones. On the way to find the magic stones, you need to overcome many different obstacles and use different supporting items to defeat the enemy.

Each character of the game will be allowed to use different items and possess their special skills during the mission. Besides using support items, you also have to control the character skillfully to run and jump through different areas. Moreover, each level will have many mini-games. They are eg, riding a kangaroo to overcome obstacles, or racing underwater, etc. After completing these mini-games, you can receive the necessary items for the next stages.

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