[Nintendo 64] Doubutsu No Mori

Doubutsu No Mori
Full nameDoubutsu No Mori
File size10.6MB
Region Japan Japan
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

DOUBUTSU NO MORI (also known as Animal Forest) is an engaging simulation game. It was available on Nintendo 64 in Japan on April 14, 2001.

Interesting gameplay

Gamers will play in a beautiful town. In which animals are living and having a beautiful life. Each of them will have different looks, jobs and preferences. In the game, players will receive quests from the animals in town to make friends. After completing quests, you can receive valuable rewards. Also, you have to move constantly and chat with everyone in the village to complete the quest. From the rewards that you have collected, you can make many tools to use in life, such as clothes, fishing rods…

Explore the villages

In Animal Forest, each animal village will be built in a unique forest. Here, they will live and work like normal people. There will be various shops or beautiful historical museums for players to explore during your holidays. As an interesting simulation game, Animal Forest will bring many unexpected challenges without following any certain order. Therefore, players can freely experience and complete challenges as you like. Besides, you can meet and talk to many different characters in the village. Moreover, you can purchase some support items from stores.

In addition to building a new life in the animal village and helping the characters, players also have to build a lot of good social relationships with the characters so that they can help you with some challenges. In particular, you can also visit the characters’ houses after building a good relationship with them. To create a complete society, the producer has built and designed many characters with different lives for you to explore. Some characters that players will meet regularly like Stella – the owner of fascinating magic tricks, Katrina – a prophet, Blathers – the curator of the museum, Tom Nook – the owner of a grocery store, or Copper and Booker – 2 guards at the town entrance. Booker is on the left, and Cooper is on the right. Besides the engaging content, DOUBUTSU NO MORI also has a beautiful visual system. Its time system is carefully built with a clear day and night cycle.

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