[Nintendo 64] Dr. Mario 64

Dr. Mario 64
Full nameDr. Mario 64
File size2.8MB
Genre Puzzle
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

In Dr. Mario 64, Mario and Dr. Wario will have to treat flu patients. They used the Megavit vitamin to kill the flu virus. This compound contained in a capsule divided into two colors. On the screen, the game will display two large vials. They have viruses inside, which are divided into three colors, including yellow, blue and red. The task of the player is to use the tablets with two colors and arrange them to form a column or row of 4 blocks of the same color or more. When the virus is arranged in the same color as the 3 pills, they are killed. Besides, the player can freely rotate the pill at their disposal to arrange more easily. When you make an unreasonable arrangement and fill the bottle with pills, you will lose and have to play again. In the next levels, the drop rate of the tablet and the number of viruses will increase. You need to control smartly and have quick reflexes so that the bottle will not be filled. In addition, Dr. Mario 64 has many game modes for players to explore, such as Classic, story, VS computer, Flash, Marathon, 2-Player Versus or Score Attack. In particular, 2-Player Versus, Flash and Score Attack will allow two players to compete with each other. In the classic mode, the game gives players a lot of difficulty levels based on the game’s original story. In story mode, players can choose to control Mario or Wario to hunt down those who steal the Megavit vitamins. As about single-player mode, players will participate in a match with AI, in which you have to defeat them in the shortest time.

Especially, Flash is a special game mode. In each bottle, there will be 3 viruses blinking. Players need to use the pills to destroy 3 viruses. Who finishes mission first will win the final. Besides, Marathon mode is an endless challenge, in which the virus will appear continuously, and players have to destroy them until they lose or exit the game. The longer the player joins this mode, the more the virus becomes. Therefore, players will be forced to lose when they cannot destroy more viruses and let them fill the bottle. This mode allows players to create huge scores and create a record. Finally, Score Attack will give players dramatic battles in 3 minutes. In which two players or the computers will have to destroy the entire virus to achieve a higher score. The player completes the mission in the shortest amount of time will win.

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