[Nintendo 64] Dual Heroes

Dual Heroes
Full nameDual Heroes
File size7.3MB
Genre Fighting
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Dual Heroes is a great fighting game released on Nintendo 64 in 1997. This game will give players a new experience in the fiercest battles.

The game content

One hundred twenty years ago, the earth was in danger of being destroyed. The human had to make a great migration to other planets outside the solar system. Besides, humans can create artificial satellites and live on it in a short time. One day, the topography of the Earth changed and created a large continent on the Pacific Ocean. The survivors on the Earth after the last disaster began to migrate to the new continent. Also, they created many new countries and humanity started a new era. However, rebuilding the world will consume a lot of energy. People had to find new sources. Finally, they found a mineral called “Gaiathyst”, which was capable of controlling gravity. Also, it created a new source of energy. “Gaiathyst” is very scarce, countries have created many wars to own this material. All weapons were useless against the power of “Gaiathyst”. The people began to create a new weapon system with this material. At the end of the war, ZORR king won and unified all nations. He created a device called SAP, which has powerful gravity control. The king used this machine to suppress the people and make unreasonable rules. A team of heroes was formed to combat the madness of King ZORR.

The game mode

Besides, Dual Heroes has 4 game modes, including Story, VS-VR, VS-2p and Practice. When starting the game, players should choose practice mode, which allows players to create training matches with computers to learn about gameplay and improve their fighting skills. The story mode is the most basic, in which players will participate in many different battles based on Story to defeat ZORR king. Each battle corresponds to a difficult level. VS-VR is a single-player mode, in which players will have to fight the computer with a time limit of 60s. VS-2p is a two-player mode. You and another player will choose the character and fight with each other to find the winner.

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