[Nintendo 64] Duke Nukem – ZER0 H0UR

Duke Nukem – ZER0 H0UR
Full nameDuke Nukem - ZER0 H0UR
File size22.7MB
Genre Shooter
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Duke Nukem: Zero Hour is a unique shooter on the Nintendo 64. Especially when you play in single mode, it will use the 3rd perspective. As for the multiplayer mode (up to 4 people players), everyone will be involved in the game with a first-person perspective. Besides, the game offers an engaging storyline, allowing players to explore many different stages of the world. Also, there are 4 timelines for players to experience, including the present, the Victorian era (London – 1888), the Wild West (United States) and the post-apocalyptic world. With 4 different timelines, players can explore many different missions and weapons.

The story

To invade Earth, aliens have used the time machine to go back the past. From there, they will change the history of humanity so that humans cannot develop. With human history and culture changes, aliens will easily invade and control the Earth. Knowing this evil plot, Duke – the protagonist of the game, began the mission to protect the world and stopped this evil plot to bring human peace.

The challenges

The mission to protect human history is arranged in 6 different stages. Each of them has one boss at the end for you to finish the mission. In which, Giant Hog is the boss of phase 1. General Custer is the boss in the second stage. Next, Cyborg Scorpion is the enemy you need to defeat in stage 3. The bosses in stages 4 and 5 include Jack the Ripper and Brainstorm. Finally, the 6th boss is Zero – who you need to destroy to finish the game. In addition to the bosses at the end of each level, the game also brings many other dangerous enemies, such as Scuttlers (parasites), Plague Zombies (the army of aliens in the Victorian era), Chimera…

The weapon system

Along with a large number of enemies and unique bosses, the game offers a diverse dance system for players to use. Each weapon will have unique strength and suitability in different missions.

For example, the Claw-12 Shotgun is a short-range attack weapon, which is suitable for use in tight spaces. Or M-80 Pulse Gun (The Blaster) is a semi-automatic cannon that fires energy to knock down enemies. Freezethrower is an alien weapon, allowing players to freeze enemies. Finally, Gamma Cannon is a unique cannon that shoots energy to create fires, which is suitable for defeating many enemies in enclosed spaces.

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