[Nintendo 64] ECW Hardcore Revolution

ECW Hardcore Revolution
Full nameECW Hardcore Revolution
File size28.9MB
Genre Fighting , Sports
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Based on the famous Extreme Championship Wrestling tournament, producer Acclaim Entertainment has released a game with similar content. It is ECW Hardcore Revolution. In which gamers can participate in fierce matches between professional wrestlers. You will engage in individual formations or group competitions. To win, you need to attack continuously until the enemies ask to lose. In addition to using a variety of combat skills, this sport also allows you to use a variety of support equipment to beat opponents (chairs, tables, suitcases…).

The game content

Similar to real-life tournaments, this game will bring you many different forms of competition. First, you can explore basic 1vs1 match to get used to the game. Besides, you also enjoy a unique survival challenge in 1vs4 match. In this battle formation, you have to hit 4 opponents in a row to win the game. Next, you will be fighting in a mixed match, in which 3 fighters will appear in the ring and fight others. Also, the game provides you with Battle Royal – a chaotic battle with 30 fighters. Besides individual fighting challenges, the game also allows you to participate in group competitions. In Tag Team, there will be 3 teams participating in the competition: Team 1 has the task of defeating the remaining 2 teams to win. However, team-2 or team-3 beat team-1, both teams (2 and 3) will win. In Stable Match, it brings team battles with 4 different members/ a team. Each team member defeated will be replaced by another member to continue the battle. Also, the battle of this competition mode only stopped when all 4 members of a group were completely defeated.

In addition to unarmed fighting matches, ECW Hardcore Revolution also offers some fierce matches that allow athletes to use support equipment to fight. In Death Match, you will be taken to a large arena. There are many different objects on the map. From there, you can pick up these objects to use and attack the opponent. In addition to bringing many items to use in battle, the game also offers complex designs with heads. Besides, players can explore two special types of arenas, including Cage Match and Barbed Wire. In which, Cage Match’s arena will be designed as a birdcage. T fighters must find a way to climb out of the cage to win. Also, Barbed Wire is equipped with barbed wire around the ring.

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