[Nintendo 64] Elmo’s Number Journey

Elmo’s Number Journey
Full nameElmo's Number Journey
File size5.6MB
Genre Misc
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Elmo’s Number Journey is a unique puzzle game from the developer NewKidCo. It brings fascinating mathematical challenges with many different levels for players. Besides, your main task is to search for the required numbers and perform various operations. In the game, you have to control is Elmo, the main character of the game. Also, he has 3 friends, Earl, Cookie Monster and Ernie. Each of them will bring unique challenges for you to explore.

In addition, Elmo’s Number Journey has 3 levels for players to choose from. They are Easy, Medium and Hard, each of which brings different quizzes to challenge gamers’ agile thinking ability. Moreover, Elmo’s three friends will stand at Sesame Street, and you will have to talk to each character and give them the tasks. Besides the main tasks of the 3 characters, gamers can also enjoy an interesting side quest. You will be brought before a giant clown and are required to perform various math questions. The clown will make calculations and you need to throw balls at the clown to give the result. After throwing the number of balls equal to the result you have calculated, you must move to the right of the screen to ring the bell and receive new tasks.

Besides, you can go to the Earl’s challenge. In which the game requires you to collect a certain number that the Earl likes. First, the game takes you to a farm to collect the required number. After you have collected the required number at the farm, the game will take you to the Earl’s castle to continue the task. You have to search and collect more numbers until the mission is completed.

Also, Cookie Monster requests to find a certain number. However, your challenge will take place in a Chocolate River and you will use a Jet Ski to move. At the end of the quest to find the number at the Chocolate River, you are taken to a new location – a snow mountain. Here, you will continue to collect the number that the game requires. In which you can move on the thick layer of snow by snowboarding and performing some nice acrobatics during the task.

Finally, Ernie will take you to a hilarious meeting. Here, you will continue to search and collect a certain number. At the end of the process of performing the task, you are involved in the task of driving in a playground. On which, the game will arrange many different numbers and you need to drive skillfully to move to the position of the numbers to collect them and complete the challenge.

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