[Nintendo 64] Excitebike 64

Excitebike 64
Full nameExcitebike 64
File size14.3MB
Genre Racing
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

If you are a fan of adventure sports games, Excitebike 64 is a great choice for you. It will satisfy you with intense races. The game was released on Nintendo 64 by Left Field Productions in 2000. Players will become a true racer and participate in many interesting games. In the game, it gives players a motorcycle to participate in the race. Players can choose one of 6 available characters of the game. After that, they can customize the fashion style and some other parameters. Starting the race, you will appear at the starting point along with 5 other riders. After the referee’s whistle, gamers will need to speed up quickly to overcome all other riders and win. It will give you a great advantage at the beginning of the race. On the track, there will be a lot of complex terrains. You need to accelerate to overcome them and keep the button leaning forward to land safely. If the player fails to comply with this rule, their vehicle will be overturned. At this point, other players can overcome you and get your position. After two laps, who come to the finish point first will win the game.

Besides, Excitebike 64 provides gamers an intuitive and simple control mechanism. Players can easily adapt right from the first game. In which, there are two buttons for accelerating and braking. During the race, players can use nitro and two buttons for leaning forward and back. When crossing complex terrain, players can use the control bar or D-Pad to rotate the vehicle in the air and create beautiful scenery. Besides, the game offers 17 different tracks for players to experience. To unlock a new track, they need to win in previous races.

Besides, the game has other unique game modes, including Stunt Course and Hill Climb. In Stunt Course, players will constantly have to overcome many types of complex terrain to win. The terrain is more complex than regular racing game modes. Hill Climb is a climbing mode, in which you need to control your car through many different mountains. The mountains in this mode are not too high. The player will have to overcome them at a very low speed. If you make a mistake, you will take a lot of time to go back to the game and overcome other competitors.

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