[Nintendo 64] Extreme-G XG2

Extreme-G XG2
Full nameExtreme-G XG2
File size11.0MB
Genre Racing
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Extreme-G XG2 is a very unique racing game, which was available on Nintendo 64 in 1998. After launching, the game has received a lot of positive reviews from players.

The game content

Unlike other traditional racing games, players will explore a future world, races at very high speed. It will make players excited. Besides, the game provides players with diverse cars collection, which are designed in a unique style. They will make players want to buy them immediately. Also, Extreme-G XG2 has only one game mode, the season. Players will have to participate in a major race and win many races to become the best racer. In each game, players will have to overcome 7 other opponents to win the final. During the game, gamers can equip their vehicle with weapons, which they can use to attack opponents. Moreover, the speed of the car is very high and can reach up to 999 MPH, so players need to control the speed appropriately to avoid being out of the track. If your vehicle is thrown off the track, you can return to the track in a few seconds. However, it will also take your time to get the fast enough speed. At this point, other competitors will quickly overtake you to take advantage of your mistakes.

Besides, on the track, there will also be many support items appear for players to collect. They will help players equip new weapons, shields or increase speed in a short time. So, you should try to collect as many support items to have more advantages on the track. In addition to the weapons system for each vehicle, the engine has Nitro Boost technology. Players have a maximum of 3 times using Nitro Boost in a race to quickly accelerate in a short period. After winning, you will have the opportunity to unlock new racing cars with better speeds and new maps. Besides, some special vehicles need players to win the required tournaments to unlock. These vehicles have more weapons, greater stability and enhanced vehicle armor. They will be a powerful weapon to help you win in many other tournaments.

The visual

Also, Extreme-G XG2 has an intuitive interface, which is highly appreciated. It is a harmonious combination of colors and unique designs. Players can easily see their position in the race, speed, small map, Nitro Boost energy bar and the number of times to use weapons. All of these details are well arranged on the screen that players can easily find the information they need.

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