[Nintendo 64] F-1 World Grand Prix

F-1 World Grand Prix
Full nameF-1 World Grand Prix
File size8.6MB
Genre Racing
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Inspired by the famous Formula 1 in the 1997 racing season, F-1 World Grand Prix was developed and released. The game brought 11 teams, 17 tracks and 22 different racing cars for gamers to experience.

The game modes and gameplay

Besides, it has 5 main game modes, including Grand Prix, Exhibition, Time Trial, Challenge and Multiplayer, specifically:

First, Grand Prix is ​​the most attractive game mode, allowing players to explore a Formula 1 tournament season. You can explore how the season going. Besides, this game mode offers many different races for you to compete with other players and win the championship. Before starting the tournament, gamers can choose your favorite team and racer. In this game mode, there are 11 racing teams. Each of them has unique skilled drivers. Also, each racer will have different indicators and achievements for you to check. After that, you can edit the driver with 5 sections, including Skill level (Rookie or Professional), Controler Type, Transmission, Acceleration Assist and Brake Assist. Finally, players have to choose the features that will take place in each race like 97 Events, Damage, Pit in, Flags, Weather (that can be selected randomly or 1 fixed weather), and Laps. The features that will take place in the tournament need to be carefully calculated because they can affect your performance. Players who have good driving abilities and agile observation will be suitable for advanced edits to Participate in complex races. If you are just beginning to explore the game and are not familiar with the control system or the rules of the game. You need to choose the lower level.

Second, Exhibition, the game allows you to choose 1 of 17 race tracks to start the competition. Before exploring the Grand Prix mode, you can join the Exhibition to get used to the track. From there, you will have wise control over the course of the competition and overcome your opponents easier.

Third, about the game mode Time Trial, players gave to complete 17 races with the competition record to finish in the shortest time possible. This mode is relatively complex that requires gamers to have a good focus to be able to create your own outstanding achievements.

Fourth, in Challenge mode, players will be able to choose 1 opponent to compete (choose from 1 of the 11 available race teams in the game) in 17 available tracks of the game.

Fifth, Multiplayer allows 2 players to compete with each other. In this mode, the screen will be divided into two parts. Each player will control one side of the screen to participate in the race.

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