[Nintendo 64] FIFA 99

Full nameFIFA 99
File size12.8MB
Genre Sports
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

For football fans, FIFA 99 is a familiar name. The game was released on Windows, Nintendo64 and PlayStation in late 1998. Compared to its predecessor, this 5th version brings a lot of new changes in graphics and gameplay.

Many new improvements

In the game, players will be free to choose from one of 250 teams from 12 different countries and regions around the world. This number is much larger than previous versions. Also, you can freely choose your favorite team to win the championship. Besides, the game also has more tournaments and has removed some unpopular tournaments. Moreover, the first division of Belgium and Primeira Liga are two major tournaments, are available on this version.

Besides, the gameplay has many changes when it is faster, and the player’s control system is better optimized. Also, players can control the character easily with the buttons corresponding to the different actions of the character. Some new moves such as passing, stealing the ball, and kicking will make the player feel more authentic. If you are not satisfied with the season mode, you can create your season with your favotite teams. This is a new feature that gives players more power over the game.

Also, it comforts players when they want to play against the best teams. In addition to controlling the players on the field, players can manage their players through an intuitive interface system. Before starting the game, players have control and change their squad. Players can optionally create new strategies and replace poor performers. Also, you can choose the stadium to compete and customize the decoration in the field.

Better graphics and sound

The game’s 3D graphics have been upgraded to give players the best experience. Also, the game supports larger resolutions and all details are clearly displayed. Player actions are upgraded and changed making them lively. So, they can see the upgrade in character action compared to previous versions. Besides, the sound is a great investment with high detail. In which, the sound of the fans is shown in more detail after any dangerous shots or situations. The voices of the commentators and their content are more streamlined and clear than previous versions.

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