[Nintendo 64] Fighter’s Destiny

Fighter’s Destiny
Full nameFighter's Destiny
File size8.1MB
Genre Fighting
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Fighter’s Destiny is a great fighting game with special gameplay and nice graphics. It is not like the games of the same genre. Surely, the game will make you satisfied.

The gameplay

Coming to the battle of confrontation, gamers will have to defeat different opponents. Instead of attacking repeatedly to take down opponents on the ring, you need to knock down opponents and score points to win. Each match will end after you have scored a maximum of 7 points.

To score points, players must use special skills to knock down an opponent or knock them off the stage. In the game, each match will be designed with a separate stage and context. However, it is not easy to defeat your opponent and accumulate points. Therefore, players need to skillfully control the character and choose the right time to attack the opponent. For example, knocking enemies off the stage gives you 1 point.

The characters system

Along with the fascinating gameplay, the number of characters in the game is diverse for everyone to use. There are a total of 14 characters for you to choose from. Of the 14 characters of the game, there will be 9 default characters to explore and 5 special characters to complete challenging tasks to use. Each character will own 1 system of fighting skills. When fighting, you need to keep a good distance to avoid the attacks of the opponent. From there, you can take advantage of when the enemy is not defensive to attack and score.

The game modes

Besides, Fighter’s Destiny provides gamers with 5 different game modes (fighting with CPU, dual-players, challenge mode…). Each mode will offer different goals for players to complete. In particular, the battle mode over time is an interesting mode for players to participate. Besides scoring 7 points to win, this mode requires players to quickly reach the required score as soon as possible to end the match. Therefore, you must have the strategy to play the game wisely to defeat the opponent. After finishing the match, the most outstanding achievements will be updated to the rankings board. Before exploring the main game modes, players can participate in a training mode to get acquainted with the characters and learn the fighting skills of each character. Overall, the diverse play mode allows people to have many opportunities to explore different challenges and to have a great relaxing time.

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