[Nintendo 64] Fire Electric Pen

Fire Electric Pen
Full nameFire Electric Pen
File size3.1MB
Genre Puzzle
Region Japan Japan
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Fire Electric Pen is a great puzzles game. Although it was designed with relatively simple and straightforward content, the game still brings many addictive challenges to players.

The gameplay

In this game, players will be provided with complex designed maps, each of which is a maze with many different paths. Your task is to control 1 ball, move it to the required location to complete the game. During the move, you must also pay attention to not collide with the wall. Besides, the challenges require gamers to finish the mission in a limited time. Therefore, players need to have good concentration and calm to be able to complete the challenge as soon as possible.

The challenges

Besides, the challenge includes many different stages to test the perseverance and skillful control of gamers. Each will bring a separate map system for you to conquer. Also, the complexity of the maps will increase gradually over stages. The following stages are always more difficult because they will prepare you with more obstacles. Along with a complex structured map and limited time, this game’s mission is difficult to complete. At this point, the key to winning the game is to move skillfully and get perseverance. There are no tips to help you complete the task in a short time. It will all depend on your ability to control emotions and intelligent control manipulations.

To assist players, Fire Electric Pen has an easy to use interface. On the top right side of the screen, it will display a countdown timer to help you catch the time. At the bottom of the screen, it will have a small map to help you observe and choose the right path. At later stages, the maps will be designed with multiple paths linked together. Besides, watching carelessly will cause you to move in a circle and take a long time. From there, you can hardly complete the challenge on time. Also, the number of obstacles also increases with each level. So, players will need more time to complete the task and must be more careful during the move. Overall, the challenge of the game will make players feel stressed but it has an addictive factor. When players fail at a certain stage, they will feel depressed but still want to continue.

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