[Nintendo 64] Flying Dragon

Flying Dragon
Full nameFlying Dragon
File size8.5MB
Genre Fighting , Role Playing
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

The game content

Flying Dragon is an interesting game, which is a perfect combination of two game genres, fighting and RPG. Players can choose one of two game modes, SD HIRYU and HIRYU VIRTUAL.

In SD HIRYU, the characters are all weak skills because they are children. Players will be able to choose a character to join this game mode and develop their character. To make your character stronger, you need to take part in battles based on the story of the game. Fighting, winning and getting rewards is the only way for you to get your character upgrade. After winning the match, players will receive rewards, such as experience points, weapons, armor and some other support items. In which, the EXP points will help the character level up and improve the stats. Also, the weapons, armor and support items will give greater advantages to the player in the next battle.

Besides, HIRYU VIRTUAL is a special game mode, in which players will control mature characters. They have many fighting skills. Battles in this mode require players to have higher skills to win. Also, In HIRYU VIRTUAL, the characters all reach their greatest strength, so players do not need to regularly upgrade their characters to increase their strength.

In addition, the game has a unique feature that helps players create more damage and quickly defeat their opponent. It is mind’s-eye. This feature will be displayed by purple spots on the character’s body. When you attack an opponent multiple times and create massive damage, mind’s-eye will be activated so that the player can see the opponent’s weaknesses. Attacking these weak spots will cause additional damage to the enemy.

The control

Also, the game’s control system is quite simple. The actions of the characters are carried out by buttons, such as punch, a button to kick, a button to avoid opponent or defensive attacks, a button to make the character jump into the air and two sidestepping buttons. Besides, players can customize the effect of buttons on the control panel to suit them. The opponents are AI capable of fighting quite badly. When you choose a super difficult mode, you will see this. With skills that can be avoided, the AI ​​will actively prevent rather than evade. This makes many players feel the game is quite easy.

The visual

In terms of the graphics, the game is not appreciated. Its resolution is small and the details are blurry. This makes the game’s interface is not clearly displayed and does not bring the best experience to the player.

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