[Nintendo 64] G.A.S.P!! Fighter's NEXTream

G.A.S.P!! Fighter's NEXTream
Full nameG.A.S.P!! Fighter's NEXTream
File size8.0MB
Genre Fighting
Region Europe Europe
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

G.A.S.P!! Fighters’ NEXTream was released in 1998. It is a popular fighting game on N64. In the game, powerful global warriors received a mysterious letter. The person who wrote this letter invited them to participate in a secret tournament. It will find the most powerful person on the planet. Winners will also receive great rewards. After that, many warriors came to this tournament to fight others.

At the beginning of the game, players can choose between single-player or two-player modes. In single-player mode, you are given a choice of a character and participate in a mystery tournament and fight with random opponents. You need to win every battle to become the strongest. In the ensuing matches, the opponents from the computer became stronger. At this point, gamers needed to improve their skills to win. After you win the final battle, you will receive a trophy and a prize of decoding the tournament’s mystery.

Besides, the tournament’s biggest secret relates to Deadly Arts, another previous fighting game. Also, players can accumulate points in the single-player mode, pass the scoring record that you created earlier to become the champion. In the two-player mode, each player will be able to choose their favorite character and participate in the battle. The time limit for each match is 1 minute, and you need to beat your opponent two halves to win. Besides, this mode also allows players to customize the landscape they want to get the best experience.

However, the character system is not too diverse, but the characters are designed in a unique style. You can find special techniques from many major martial arts in the world, such as kung fu, boxing, karate … Moreover, each character possesses different strengths and special skills. You can create these special skills by using the buttons in a sequence that the game requires. In which, special skills can create an advantage for the player or cause great damage to the opponent. For example, you can use a special skill to knock down an opponent and attack them continuously. Depending on your style and which character you are using, you can create new strategies to win the game.

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