[Nintendo 64] Gauntlet Legends

Gauntlet Legends
Full nameGauntlet Legends
File size13.4MB
Genre Misc
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Gauntlet Legends is an interesting game that combines Dungeon crawling, and Hack and slash. It was released by Atari Games in October 1998. The game supports multiplayer with up to 4 players at the same time. With the role-playing element, players will have to fight with many enemies in different dungeons. Besides, each dungeon will hide rare rewards for you to collect.

The story

In the past, a wicked and greedy mage had a bad plan to rule the world by summoning demons from hell. This mage was called Garm. He gathered the Run Stones to open a portal to hell and called Skorne (the ruler of hell) to serve him. After reaching the human world, Skorne changed his mind to obey Garm. Because of that, he defeated Garm and imprisoned this greedy mage to hell. Next, Skorne brought the Run Stones and hid them in many different lands (the four kingdoms) so that no one could find them and prevent him from dominating the world.


While playing the game, players will have to find and collect Run Stones to defeat Skorne. First, you must go to the 4 kingdoms and collect the special keys. They are for opening the gates to the temples. Here, you will fight Skorne and defeat him. Besides collecting the keys, you also need to collect all 13 power stones to open the door to hell and destroy Skorne one more time to end the game.

Character upgrade

Also, Gauntlet Legends has an interesting feature that levels up the character through each different stage. Characters can level up by accumulating experience points after defeating monsters and collecting treasures in dungeons of the 4 kingdoms. In particular, each successful level-up will help the character upgrade its attributes and get better combat abilities. Besides, there are 4 attributes for players to explore, including Armor, Strength, Magic, and Speed.

In particular, the upgraded Armor allows the character to withstand many enemy’s attacks. Strength is an indicator that shows the damage you can inflict on enemies with physical attacks. Also, Magic will determine the range of attack when you use magic skills. Finally, Speed ​​will display the character’s maximum movement speed and attack speed. In addition to the above 4 attributes, players can explore and use 4 different character classes. Each of them will have different strengths. Specifically, Warrior – Strength, Wizard- Magic, Archer – Speed, ​​and Valkyrie – Armor.

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