[Nintendo 64] Gex 3 – Deep Cover Gecko

Gex 3 – Deep Cover Gecko
Full nameGex 3 - Deep Cover Gecko
File size24.1MB
Genre Platform
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko is the third and final part of the Gex Series game series. In this version, the main character will continue to confront the villain, Rez.

The story

In one view of the TV show, Gex received a message about his girlfriend’s kidnap. Gex’s girlfriend is an X-tra agent and the commander of the TV Terrorist Defense Unit. When being kidnapped, she contacted the protagonist and announced that his old enemy was back – Rez. To rescue his girlfriend, Gex returned to Media Dimension with the help of some old friends and housekeeper – Alfred. During the game, Gex met two new friends (Cuz and Rex). They were prisoners of Rez. With the help of these two new friends, the main character found the base of Rez’s last base. At this point, players have to defeat him and rescue X-tra.

The gameplay

Besides, the mission system is still the same as the previous 2 versions. However, it has prepared a new system of war vehicles for players to explore. You can see a diverse number of vehicles, such as snowboards, tanks and camels. In addition to new combat vehicles, the game also offers a number of special costumes to help players move more agile. To bring many unexpected challenges for everyone, Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko has many levels and some mysterious levels for players to explore.

Also, each level will take players to 1 different area. To complete the level, you need to collect unique items required by the game. Collecting items will not be simple because you have to overcome many obstacles and gaps available along the way. Besides, this version does not require you to collect too many items to use. Instead, Gex can spit ice and fire, or he can swim in environments with water to perform the task. An old feature from the first version that you will have to collect icons with footprints along the way. After you have enough footprint symbols, Gex will accumulate a lot of energy to use. Besides controlling the main character, players can also use 3 other characters, including Rex, Alfred, and Cuz. During the mission, players can change 1 of 4 characters to use (including in special stages – the stage where you can accumulate more bonus points). In particular, the character Alfred is built on the famous character of the same name, who is a loyal assistant of Batman.

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