[Nintendo 64] Indy Racing 2000

Indy Racing 2000
Full nameIndy Racing 2000
File size9.6MB
Genre Racing , Simulation
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Coming to Indy Racing 2000, players can discover 4 game modes, consisting of Single race, and Two players, Championship and Gold Cup. The game brings many new tracks with new challenges. Compared with other racing games, Indy Racing 2000 stands out thanks to a wide variety of racing systems. From there, it allows you to enjoy the realism of participating in high-speed races. In addition to the intensive driving task, the complex design of the racetrack requires the player to have good concentration and agile reflexes to overtake the opponents. Besides, you will discover 20 different racing styles. They include Sprint cars, Indy cars, Formula cars, and Midget cars.

In Championship mode, players will compete in turn with different matches. To win and advance, you need to finish the race at 1st of 3rd positions. Each race will have 19 competitors to compete with you. Overcoming 19 opponents won’t be easy, so you need to have smart controls to maintain stable movement speed. Besides, you have to take care to avoid hitting the curb. At the end of each match, achieving good performance will help you get to the final match of the league. After winning it, you will receive the championship trophy and great rewards. Each match will take place with 4 races, each of which will have a different time limit.

For the Gold Cup, you can freely use different cars in each race. Also, this game mode owns very interesting fantasy races. The use of many different types of vehicles on a race track will bring many attractive challenges for players. However, each game mode will have unique technical characteristics. Therefore, you need to know the features of each car to get the right controls to overcome the competitors.

After exploring unique races and challenging your driving skills in battles with the CPU, you can join the Two-player mode to compete with other players. In this mode, the screen will be divided into 2 equal parts. Each player will control a different car. In addition to the number of diverse tracks, Indy Racing 2000 also allows players to observe the track through many different trip cameras. Besides, you can save the stressful stages in each race and replay.

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