[Nintendo 64] Jet Force Gemini

Jet Force Gemini
Full nameJet Force Gemini
File size27.1MB
Genre Action , Shooter
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

The story

Jet Force Gemini is a great game with an interesting story about 3 members of the Jetini Gemini group. They formed a group of warriors with strong fighting abilities. While traveling in space, Jetini Gemini discovered that the tyrant Mizar was oppressing the Tribals and enslaving them. To rescue the inhabitants of the Tribals, players will have to defeat the army of Mizar. In this battle, you need to be calm to fight many enemies and avoid the attack from them.

The gameplay

In the game, the main challenges of the game are intense gun battles. In which players have to control their army to fight and try to defeat Mizar’s army. You will control the character and observe the surroundings through the 3rd perspective. With the shooting element, players will discover many different weapons, such as grenade launcher, pistol, machine gun, flamethrower … Each of them will have the ability to release different damage levels. Therefore, you need to select and use the appropriate weapons for making the most advantage during the fight. Like other shooting challenges, gamers need to move wisely to be able to destroy the enemy quickly. Having to fight with many enemies at once makes you face massive firepower from the enemy. From there, the smart move is the only key for you to survive and complete the challenge.

The game modes

Besides, this game has 2 player modes: First, it is a single-player. In which, gamers have to fight and explore according to the plot system. Second, it is multiple-players. In this mode, players have to play simultaneously with 2 -4 different players in the classic Deathmatch challenge.

Besides, it provide gamers with the story mode, you will have to fight through 15 different worlds. Each world has different battlefields and a number of enemies for you to fight. Besides, each of them will have many different areas to move. They are linked together through special gates. To unlock special gates and explore new areas, gamers need to fulfill many requirements of the game. For example, players will have to search for the key along the way to open a gate or kill all the enemies guarding the gate. Similar to other role-playing and shooting challenges, players will have to collect various support items in each area to heal and upgrade their strength. Moreover, Jetini Gemini owns 3 members, consisting of Vela, Lupus and Juno. Players can use them in each battle stage, each of which will have a unique survival skill. Specifically, Vela can swim underwater without oxygen. Lupus can fly in the air for a short time. And Juno can freely move through magma without getting hurt.

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