[Nintendo 64] Killer Instinct Gold (V1.2)

Killer Instinct Gold (V1.2)
Full nameKiller Instinct Gold (V1.2)
File size11.0MB
Genre Fighting
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

After the great success of Killer Instinct 2, Killer Instinct Gold was released in 1996. Like its predecessor, players will engage in familiar 2D battles and defeat many opponents to win. However, this version is not appreciated as the previous version because the absence of some characters, as well as, the gameplay has not improved much.

The game mode and gameplay

Killer Instinct Gold has two game modes including PvP and PvE, both of which are familiar to players from Killer Instinct 2. In PvE, there are three other options: gym centre, Arcade and tournament. At the gym centre, gamers can freely choose characters and fight with NPC. Some options for NPC will be set by players such as auto-attack, difficulty level and auto-healing of HP. Besides, players can practice fighting skills here or learn how to create more effective combos. Also, Arcade is the simplest mode, in which players will choose their character and NPC to join the battle. The ultimate goal is to defeat NPC within the limited time to win. After the time limit is over and no character is destroyed, the game will give the final result based on the remaining HP level of each character. Finally, the tournament mode will allow players to select multiple characters at once to create a battle group. At that time, NPC will also select many characters to form a random group and the player cannot know which character NPC chose. To win this game mode, players need to control their characters to defeat all characters in the opponent’s group. However, your current character will not recover Hp when fighting the next character. Besides, PvP mode is a playground for two players, each player will choose his character or use the Random function to pick random characters. Then, two players will join the battle to compete with each other for finding out who is the best.

The control mechanism

In addition, the control system of this version does not have many significant changes. The player uses a control panel of 6 buttons with different functions. To control the character that creates the punch, the player uses 3 buttons on the console. To kick, you can use the remaining 3 buttons. Players can perform multiple consecutive attacks in a special sequence to create combos. Each character has different combos, but the way to create combos is the same. Therefore, players will easily adapt to the game when they do not have to learn the combos of each character.

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