[Nintendo 64] Knife Edge – Nose Gunner

Knife Edge – Nose Gunner
Full nameKnife Edge - Nose Gunner
File size4.5MB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Knife Edge: Nose Gunner offers lots of first-person shooting challenges. This is a game with a complex but extremely interesting control system. In which, you have the task of controlling a spaceship to fight the enemy. In addition to the task of destroying the targets on the map, you also have to move carefully to avoid the obstacles and the attack of the enemies along the way.

The context of Knife Edge: Nose Gunner is built in a fantasy future time. In which, the United States had a plan to bring humanity to Mars after changes in Earth’s living conditions and environment. To carry out this program, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration of the United States received a huge grant. Besides, the project also received support from many other countries. Since then, humans have built a space station to move around Mars to serve as an observation station and select habitable areas for humans. Next, humans have successfully started building a small city on Mars for humans to test the living condition. Here, humans have adjusted the air system and ensured a stable water source for development. Later, many of the Earthlings began to live on Mars after many migrations. At the 5th migration from Earth to Mars, the colonial governing body received a bizarre report about the appearance of some alien creatures.

After receiving the above information, the United Nations built a military barracks in the colony – Phobos. This military force was responsible for protecting people in the colonies and investigating cases related to the appearance of a mysterious living form on Mars. During a patrol in the unexploited areas, Phobos Reconnaissance Force discovered strange ruins and represents a mysterious culture. They had long existed on Mars. After the discovery of this ancient civilization, human colonies on Mars lost contact with the central checkpoint on Earth. Consequently, the United Nations requested a combat unit to check out areas that have lost contact.

In the game, players have to control a fighter and explore many different areas. Your plane will be equipped with many different weapons to use. Also, your combat missions will follow each stage, which will have many different paths for you to choose from. Moreover, there will be 1 boss for you to fight at the end of each stage.

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