[Nintendo 64] Mario Party 3

Mario Party 3
Full nameMario Party 3
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Region Japan Japan
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

The 3rd version of Mario Party is Mario Party 3 released by Hudson Soft in many other regions of the world. First, it was available in Japan on December 7, 2000. Then, it appeared in North America, Australasia, Europe, in 2001.


Compared with the 2 previous versions, Mario Party 3 has been improved with many unique features and new challenges. Instead of 6 characters like the previous 2 games, this version brings 2 new characters for players to control. They are Waluigi and Princess Daisy. However, players can only use these 2 characters in the team mode.

In other modes, you still play mini-games with other opponents. However, the mini-game features of this version are somewhat more complicated, in which players need to use many smart strategies to win the game. Especially, before starting a battle, each player needs to put 1 amount of coins in 1 pot (10, 20, 30, or 50). At the end of the match, the player wins the 1st rank will be entitled to 70% of the value of the coins in the vase. Another player who ranked 2nd will enjoy the remaining 30% of the value.

In Battle Royale mode, gamers will continue to conquer the game’s maps to collect stars and coins. You need to collect the most stars to win. However, in case 2 players own the same number of stars, the game checks the number of coins that they have accumulated. The player with more coins wins. Besides, a new feature of Mario Party 3 is that it allows you to equip 3 different items to use instead of 1 like the previous 2 versions. People can collect items by buying them in the store (2 Baby Bowser and Load stores), or by winning certain challenges to get the item.

About Duel mode

Next, Duel mode will bring unique duel battles between 2 players. In this mode, each character will be prepared 1 health meter. You have the task of attacking the enemy and reducing their health meter to 0 to end the match. Besides, 2 support characters are accompanying you. In which, 1 character will move in the front, and the other character will be behind. In the first phase of this mode, you only have 1 support character and need to complete a certain number of challenges to be able to own a second support character.

This game mode has 2 games, consisting of mini Game Guy and mini Duel. Players can only participate in these 2 parts after moving to the correct position. It is different from mini-games after each move of Battle Royale. Additionally, there will be no items for you to use in these challenges.

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