[Nintendo 64] Mario Party

Mario Party
Full nameMario Party
File size19.6MB
Genre Platform
Region Japan Japan
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Mario Party is the first game in the popular Mario Party series from Nintendo. The game was developed by Hudson Soft and released by Nintendo on the N64. So far this series has up to 10 different versions for the most Nintendo consoles.


In Mario’s world there was a controversy over who is the best. The ones dragged into this fight are Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Wario and Donkey Kong. Each person gives out their own strengths that make the debate increasingly confusing and endless. At this point, Toad made a proposal that all considered reasonable. He suggested that all of you join mind games at Mushroom Village to see who is the best. All agree, they move to the Mushroom Village and begin the adventures. Here, people play a lot of fun games to challenge the minds and then find out who is the best among them.


At the beginning of the game, all the characters are dropped into an underground sewer. Here, you will choose the character and difficulty to play. Your main goal is to collect more stars than your competitors to win. All players will play together on the “Board”.

Along the way, many unique missions are available for players to overcome and collect stars. To move on the board and participate in quests, you need to roll a dice, then move the character according to the number received. The stars will be arranged in many different positions on the board. Note that some levels only provide a star in a certain position and you need to quickly overtake other opponents to collect it. However, some levels have many different stars available and they are arranged in different positions on the board.

Besides the mission to collect stars, you also have the task of accumulating coins. They are used to purchase support items during a match. In particular, coins are also used to buy stars in case you do not collect enough stars needed to defeat the opponent. Hence, collecting coins on the go is also very important. You can get coins by moving and stopping at the blue boxes, there are also red circles on the map that you need to avoid in order not to enter. If you accidentally move to the correct red circle, you will be deducted a certain amount of coins or stars.

Lots of interesting minigames

Mini-games are what has made the brand so successful
Mario Party! The game offers more than 50 different mini-games that you can play. The mini-games that you join are arranged in 3 different forms. First, they are cooperative missions that require 4 players. Each match consists of four people participating and they must support each other to win the final victory. Next are independent competition challenges. You and other competitors will compete directly with each other for the winnings and coins. Finally, the elimination challenge, players need to accumulate more coins than other opponents to not be eliminated from the mission.

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