[Nintendo 64] Mario Tennis

Mario Tennis
Full nameMario Tennis
File size13.4MB
Genre Sports
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Mario Tennis is one of the famous games of the Mario game series. It was developed Camelot Software Planning and released by Nintendo for many regions around the world in the 2000s.

Gameplay and game mode

In the game, matches will be held with 14 characters of Mario (Yoshi, Wario, Waluigi, Shy Guy, Donkey Kong, Birdo, Princess Daisy …). You can freely choose 1 of 14 characters to use. Also, each character will have a unique technical advantage. For example, Princess Peach has a good fighting technique, or Baby Mario is very fast…). After choosing your favorite character, you can start choosing game modes. At this point, the game has many game modes, such as Tournament, Exhibition, Brower Stage…

In which, Exhibition is the basic game mode. It helps players get used to the game’s control systems. Players can join this mode with solo and co-op matches. To win each match, you need to score more points than your opponent. Therefore, you have to move constantly and predict the falling point of the ball to get reasonable control. From there, you can easily score a lot of high points and beat your opponent in a short time. Besides, the game is also designed with many different types of scoring for you to explore. Each of them will have unique controls. The more accurate you are, the better shots you will have.

Compared to Exhibition’s simple matches, Tournament challenges are somewhat more difficult, requiring players to use diverse clever strategies to defeat other opponents. In this mode, players will be continuously competing with opponents through many different matches to advance and win the championship. In particular, this mode has 2 parts, including Solo or 2vs2. Also, there will be 3 different games for players to explore. Each part will correspond to 1 Cup for you to collect (Flower cup, Mushroom cup…).

The tournament will be arranged in different pairs. In each match, players will meet 1 opponent and have to participate in the competition in different stages (game 1,2,3 …). You can end the match by winning multiple victories in each stage. At this point, you need to win a maximum of 3 games and the person who wins the match will continue and the loser will be disqualified out of the tournament.

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