[Nintendo 64] Micro Machines 64 Turbo

Micro Machines 64 Turbo
Full nameMicro Machines 64 Turbo
File size5.3MB
Genre Racing
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Micro Machines 64 is an exciting racing game that was released in March 1999 on the Nintendo 64 and many other consoles. The game is inspired by the races in the famous F1 race. It is sure to provide you with engaging and competitive racing experiences with many different challenges and game modes.


Micro Machines 64 offers a collection of 32 other racing cars for you to use in races. Besides the cars that are readily available and usable, you can unlock more new supercars. The game offers many unique new cars with outstanding specs for you to collect. Note that you can only unlock new cars in 1 player mode. Additionally, the unlocked vehicles will be used in multiplayer mode. In particular, the multiplayer mode allows up to 8 people to compete in a race.

In addition to the main task of beating your opponents on the track, you need to always upgrade the racing cars you own. The vehicle upgrade options in the game are not too complicated. However, it is necessary to have a lot of advantages on the track against other competitors. Besides, Micro Machines 64’s multiplayer mode has a very interesting feature that we will talk about right now. Specifically, when you win each race for, you are allowed to steal the good technical elements (spare parts, spare parts) above the opponent’s racing car for use. However, competitors can also do the same thing with you after they have won each match. Therefore, stay focused in the races because if you lose your car will likely lose important upgrades.

Diverse race system

Besides the familiar elements of a racing game such as racing car upgrades and tournaments, players can also explore many different tracks. There are many tracks with their own landscape waiting for you to explore. Each track is designed with different obstacles and terrain. Therefore, you need to observe well to be able to overcome unexpected challenges along the way. In addition, good observation and intelligent control will help you avoid obstacles and get a good movement speed and defeat your opponent. In the event that you do not drive well and have slow reflexes, you will crash into obstacles and be simply overtaken by the opponent. Continuous collision with obstacles means you cannot complete the race with good results.

Game mode

This game offers many unique game modes for players to explore, each allowing you to use a variety of racing cars. The game modes that you will experience include Knockout, Time trial, Challenge, Party play, and Keepsies. Knockout and Time trials are simple game modes and quite familiar to everyone. And Keepsies, Challenge, and Party play bring new challenges for you to explore.

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