[Nintendo 64] NBA Hangtime

NBA Hangtime
Full nameNBA Hangtime
File size9.5MB
Genre Sports
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

NBA Hangtime is a basketball game developed by the design team of NBA Jam. The game was released in 1996 on many game consoles such as N64, Play Station, SNES …


In terms of gameplay, NBA Hangtime still owns the familiar gameplay, you still participate in many different matches in the game modes (each mode will have its own mission and requirements). Besides, it is also preparing a new skill for players to use (double slam dunks, alley-oops, spin moves…). The addition of many new fighting techniques will bring many exciting matches for everyone to experience. More new skills also help players create many new fighting strategies to defeat opponents. NBA Hangtime offers two familiar game modes that are single-player or multiplayer. In a single-player match, you’ll have to team up with other CPUs to beat the competition. The Multiplayer matches allow 2 players to cooperate with each other to compete with the CPU.

Each match will have a time of 3 minutes. During this time limit, you need to score more points than your opponent to win. So, you need to use smart game strategies and control the movements of each player well. When playing, you need to control the ball and attack continuously to score. Defense is also an important skill. Always keep close to your opponent to steal the ball while they are attacking. NBA Hangtime introduces a new feature called combination lock. With this feature, you just need to enter the codes on the screen to change the look or gameplay.

Build your player

In addition, NBA Hangtime brings many changes and new features compared to the previous version. Specifically, it allows players to edit and design their own player instead of choosing the ones available. You can customize the player’s appearance such as height, weight, health scores and the playing technique of the player. In particular, you can upgrade players by accumulating skill points. These points are collected after completing a match. The specifications that you can upgrade include: Shoot, Power, Blook, Speed, Steal, and Dunks.

Add many new basketball teams

NBA Hangtime has 29 famous basketball teams, who play in the NBA. They include Miami, Indiana, LA Lakers, Golden State…. You can freely choose a team to start participating in the different game modes in the game. In which, each team consists of 5 different players. Each player in which will have different specifications. From there, you need to intelligently select the players on the team to optimize the team’s strength.

In addition, the game offers a number of special matches for players to explore. These special matches take place after you have beaten 29 available teams in the game. Next, you will be competing with some secret players.

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