[Nintendo 64] NFL Blitz

NFL Blitz
Full nameNFL Blitz
File size12.5MB
Genre Sports
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

NFL Blitz is an interesting sports game from the developer Midway. It was released in 1997. The game simulates the basketball matches. In which two teams will participate in under the control of a referee. The game field is designed like real tournaments.

The game content

Like other sports games, players choose a team to compete in NFL Blitz. They will see famous and familiar teams from many countries around the world. Each team will have a different formation and characteristics. Also, there are seven players in each team. Players will choose a strong line both in attacking or defending as they like. After selecting a good squad, they can join the first match to compete with a random team. During the match, players who hold onto the ball quickly pass it to their teammates. Your team will receive a point when you score a goal. However, the opponent will repeatedly block your way and ready to occupy your ball. That player will be penalized if it is discovered by the referee. A free throw is decided by the referee in every fault. Besides, you have to control players to catch the ball from other players. By moving flexibly and well observing, you can make beautiful passes into the opponent’s goal.

The tournament progress

After finishing the first match, players can join a tournament of famous teams. It is divided into several groups with different scoring rules. Also, the time for each match is 40 minutes with four rounds. When a player of a team takes the ball to the opponent’s goal without violations, that team gets a point. At the end of 10 minutes of official time, the team with the higher score will be the winner.

Besides, players will control their team to win 3 rounds to win the right to go to the tournament. If the two teams tie in terms of points after 40 minutes, they will take part in an extra period of 5 minutes. In which the referee has the right to stop the game to give the penalty in some cases such as pushing people, deliberately losing, or fighting in the match. Players will be able to watch another match take place during the break before entering the new match. At the end of the tournament, the winner will receive the prestigious trophy and become the champion in NFL Blitz.

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