[Nintendo 64] NFL Quarterback Club 98

NFL Quarterback Club 98
Full nameNFL Quarterback Club 98
File size7.2MB
Genre Sports
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

NFL Quarterback Club 98 is a popular soccer-themed sports game on Android. The game was developed and released by Iguana Entertainment in September 1997 on the Nintendo 64.

How to play

NFL Quarterback Club 98 offers many different options for you to simulate soccer matches in a unique way. There are 2 different game modes available, “Custom” and “History”. In the custom simulation game, you can create your own league to compete and win the championship. This game mode allows you to make many different changes such as the score of each team when participating in the game or the area where the team has control of the ball on the stadium. As for the historical game mode, the game offers more than 50 different scenarios for players to enjoy. Specifically, each scenario will bring about many different matches that took place in real life. With the scenarios provided, you have 2 options to relax: change history (help the losing team win) or reenact what happened (help the winning team beat more opponents. 1 more time).

Build your own team

NFL Quarterback Club 98 has 30 professional football teams to choose from. Each team has its own specs including Passing, Rushin, Pass Defense, Rush Defense, SP Team and Overall. In addition to 30 basic football teams, the game has 4 special teams. In which, AFC and NFC are two teams of the NFL Pro Bowl in 1997. The other two teams are designed based on the names of the publishers and producers of this game, Acclaim Entertainment and Iguana Entertainment. In particular, these 2 unique teams have the best specs in all the teams of the game.

Besides using existing football teams, the game also allows you to create your own team. Options allow you to set basic team information such as Name, flags, coach and players. Besides, you can also choose your favorite stadium to make your home field or use the playbook. Along with the team self-creation feature, you can build your own player for your team. In this option, you are allowed to create a special player when you are free to customize the player’s specifications according to your individual needs. The indicators that can be changed are weight, height, health, playing position, shirt number….

After successfully setting the player’s stats, the game will move him to the Free Agency. This is the place to wait for hiring contracts from other football teams. Note that a maximum of 55 players per team is allowed. You need to remove 1 player from your team to be able to recruit a new player.

Other game modes

Besides the new simulation mode, the game still offers familiar modes like Playoff and Season. With Season, you will fight with another team in a decisive match to win a promotion ticket. With Season mode, you will compete with many other teams in a tournament lasting many months. There is a chart where the scores of the teams are displayed. The team with the most points in the season will become the champions.

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