[Nintendo 64] Paper Mario

Paper Mario
Full namePaper Mario
File size20.7MB
Genre Role Playing
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Paper Mario, also known as Mario Story or Super Mario RPG 2, was released on Nintendo 64 by Nintendo in 2001. This is an RPG game, with a different story from previous versions. In the mushroom kingdom, Mario started the journey to rescue Peach Princess from Bowser. In addition, Bowser also captured other 7 star spirits to make his castle fly that could not be damaged by any attack. To rescue the princess and the mushroom kingdom from Browser dominance, the player needs to control Mario to retake the star spirits from Bowser’s henchmen. To kill monsters and avoid traps, Mario must jump for using his hammer. Besides, puzzles will appear continuously to challenge you. The game brings a companion feature to help players can overcome many difficulties in a simpler way. That supporter possesses a special skill to help Mario overcome difficulties but cannot revive Mario. Therefore, players still need to be careful when overcoming pitfalls and monsters. When Mario was hurt by an enemy, the support character will be temporarily paralyzed, which will be the most difficult time for the player.

In addition, the character upgrade is an important element to help Mario and the assistant stronger. To upgrade characters, you must search for hidden areas on the map. After that, you will face powerful monsters. When you defeated them, you will receive rewards. Gamers can use these rewards to upgrade Mario or supporting characters. Besides, there will be NPC appearing at certain fixed locations on the map. You can buy items or upgrade weapons from their shop for more power. The players can “Peach Princess” when Mario has passed a certain number of stages. Peach Princess will implement various plans to assist Mario in the next stages of the game. However, this assistance is not much than players still need to control Mario to explore all the areas that Peach Princess has ever been through. Once you have collected all the star spirits and begin to enter Bowser’s castle. In which, your only job is to destroy the Bowser. In the end, the Peach Princess will be rescued and give Mario an amazing reward.

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