[Nintendo 64] Pokemon Puzzle League

Pokemon Puzzle League
Full namePokemon Puzzle League
File size20.6MB
Genre Puzzle
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Pokémon Puzzle League is a 3-match game developed for Nintendo 64. The developer says that they have built this game inspired by Tetris Attack in conjunction with the characters from the Pokemon series. Therefore, in the game, you will meet most of the famous characters of the Pokémon game series.


After finishing Orange League, Pikachu and Ash decided to go on a picnic to rest. However, Ash received an unexpected call from Professor Oak. Professor announces that he has found a potential competitor to compete in the Puzzle League tournament and will send this information to Ash. Upon receiving the message, Ash quickly moved to Pokémon Puzzle League Village to meet his opponent. Interesting matches will await him and his companion, Pikachu.


Pokémon Puzzle League offers many fascinating intellectual challenges for players to conquer. In addition to the single player mode, the game offers a multiplayer mode where 4 players compete against the same arena.

At the start of the tournament, Ash challenged another coach, Gary, and beat him. Next, the main character defeated all eight other opponents in Kanto. He received his new badge. Shortly after, Ash defeated the members of the Elite Four and was confronted with Puzzle Champion. In particular, Puzzle Champion will surprise you, Gary is Puzzle Champion. You need to beat him to win the championship. Ending the match and winning the match against Gary, Ash was awarded a championship trophy. After receiving the championship trophy, Ash is suddenly transported to a mysterious dimension and the opponent he needs to defeat here is Mewtwo. Completing the battle with Mewtwo, the main character will be sent back to the village.

The difficulty of each level is divided into 4 levels: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Very Hard. Based on the skills of each player, they can choose an appropriate difficulty level. Before starting the tournament, you need to choose 1 of these 4 levels to explore. In addition, the tournament will be arranged in phases. Each stage will bring different opponents for you to conquer challenges.

Many interesting challenges

The puzzle challenges of the Pokémon Puzzle League are quite varied. All of them follow the rules of a 3-match game. The player’s task in every match is to destroy all the squares on the board to win. Of course, you need to do it earlier than your competition. You play on a square board with many random and continuous blocks. Your job is to arrange the blocks of the same color and shape to destroy them. The arrangement can be horizontal or vertical with numbers of 3 or more to destroy them. Especially, when you destroy square blocks with numbers of 4 or more (chain or combo), it causes the opponent’s playground to receive more square blocks.

In addition to the classic 2D board with a horizontal area of ​​6 squares, the game brings a new 3D playground. It has up to 18 squares for players to enjoy. In multiplayer mode, you are allowed to choose which trainers and Pokémon to use. However, these options are for entertainment purposes only. It provides visuals for the player to see without the use of special skills.

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