[Nintendo 64] Pokemon Snap

Pokemon Snap
Full namePokemon Snap
File size8.3MB
Genre Simulation
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Pokémon Snap is a first-person simulation game for Nintendo 64. The game was released in 1999. It is a unique spin-off version of the popular Pokémon game series. Good news for those who are fans of this game as it was recently released on the Nintendo Switch!


The content of the game revolves around a Todd Snap journey to visit Pokémon Island after receiving a special quest. This is an interesting place as it is completely separate from the people. It has created a comfortable life for a variety of Pokémon where they can grow freely. Todd is invited by Professor Oak to the island to perform an interesting task. Professor says that he needs high-quality photographs related to a variety of Pokémon for research purposes. And he wants Todd to do it. This got Todd really excited and he immediately accepted and began the journey. To move around and explore the creatures living on this island, Todd will sit on a special train. It’s called Zero-One. From here, players can take many different photos on their island tour.

Explore the wonderful island

Pokémon Island is divided into 7 different areas for players to explore. Each area here usually has a few types of creatures for you to take pictures. Available areas include Rainbow Cloud, Valley, Cave, River, Volcano, Tunnel and Beach. Besides that, there are also some secret locations that you can explore while doing quests.

From Professor Oak’s research building, you will select 1 of the 7 areas above to perform the task. Zero-one moves fully automatically, so you just need to have quick reflexes and control your camera properly to take pictures of Pokémon. Most Pokemon spawn along the way. Each zone allows you to take up to 60 different photos. Note, on the upper right side of the screen, an icon of one film is always displayed, it shows the number of shots remaining. Not only taking regular pictures, you need to choose beautiful and comfortable angles to get the highest quality photo.

After you have collected 60 photos in a certain area, you need to hand them over to Professor to get bonus points. Each picture will have a different bonus value. It depends on the Pokémon’s posture, size, toxicity, and action. In addition to this, some other more complex requirements from the professor are available sometimes. From there, you will receive bonus points corresponding to the quality of the photo. Besides providing the best photos for Professor Oak, Pokémon Snap also prepares an Album Mark for you to create your own collection. The game offers 63 out of 151 Pokemon in Gen 1 collection.

Use supportive items

To support and help players complete the challenge in the best way, the game will bring a few different support items. You can use them during island tours to complete missions more easily. Each item will have its own features. They often help you get a lot of high-quality photos. For example, the Pester Balls are used to make Pokémon escape from hiding places so you can take a photo of them. Dash Engine allows the Zero-One to move faster than normal.


Pokémon Snap uses beautiful 3D graphics. Can be assessed at the time of launch, this is a game about pokemon with the best image. The game has built an amazing island with lots of different places to explore. Besides, the Pokemon are all beautifully designed and accurate compared to the original.

Download Pokémon Snap ROM for free

We give you Pokémon Snap completely free. All you need to do now is download the Game ROM then run it on an N64 emulator. The game experience is even better than the original when supported by new technologies.

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