[Nintendo 64] Polaris SnoCross

Polaris SnoCross
Full namePolaris SnoCross
File size8.0MB
Genre Racing
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Polaris SnoCross is the first snowmobile driving game of the N64 platform. It was released by Vatical Entertainment in March 1999. There was also a version available for GameBoy Color released a few months later.

Interesting gameplay

Polaris SnoCross brings players to extreme sled-driving challenges we bet you’ll never have in real life. In the game, you will have a lot of fun when competing with many opponents on the tracks with many complex terrains. Different from regular driving games on flat terrain, snowmobile driving is a little more difficult and crazy. You will need to skillfully control your sled to overcome many steep roads or dangerous curves. Besides, this game also brings a number of different obstacles on the track. They are crates, rocks or pine trees to challenge the player’s skill of observation and driving. When and hits obstacles, your vehicle will slow down and you may be overtaken by other opponents.

Unlock lots of new snowmobiles

Polaris SnoCross offers a collection of 16 snowmobiles
different. Some are available, some require a request to be used. You can unlock them by winning certain races. The game also has up to 10 complex races with different terrains. In some tracks, there are shortcuts available that, if you use them, you can finish earlier. Wrench is the main currency in the game. You can collect them after you win each race or complete a number of missions. Accumulate enough wrenches, you can use them to upgrade the sled that is in your personal collection. There are 4 specs to upgrade on each car: Acceleration, Top Speed, Stability and Handling. Each upgrade will require a different amount of wrench. In addition, you can collect more wrenches by performing special technical moves in the air. Note that these skills can only be performed after crossing ramps to get into the air.

Play modes

Polaris SnoCross has 3 game modes including: Single Event, Instant Action and Tournament. In Single Event, you will be given a lot of initial options to initialize your character. First, you are allowed to choose any one to use. To be sure there is a suitable option, we recommend comparing the specifications of each vehicle before choosing. Next, there will be 4 options to customize are Track, Race Lap, Time and Weather. After completing the settings, you can start the races.

Instant Action has the same features as Single Event but is simpler in design. Finally, Tournament is the most attractive game mode because it possesses many unique challenges compared to the normal races of the previous two modes. In this mode, you will discover many play parts such as Sport class, Semi-Pro Class, Pro class, and Special Event. Each part will have a different difficulty level. Challenges are also divided by 2 timelines, day and night. In addition, each section will take you to 3 races to compete and each race has a maximum of 4 other drivers participating.

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