[Nintendo 64] Quake 64

Quake 64
Full nameQuake 64
File size10.5MB
Genre Sports
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Quake is a first-person shooter action game released by Midway Games and Id Software in 1998. The game was available on most popular platforms at the time such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, DOS, N64 etc.


In the game, you become the Ranger – the main character of the game. You will have to move through many different areas to fight and complete the assigned missions. Your goal is to prevent Shub-Niggurath from invading Earth. To complete the mission, you need to destroy all enemies by shooting at them continuously. Always pay attention to ensure that the 3 important character specifications are vitality, armor, and ammunition. When the above stats are reduced, you need to quickly find and collect support items along the way to fill them. These items spawn randomly in locations or sometimes they drop from enemies after being destroyed.

Game mode

Quake offers 2 independent game modes: single-player and multiplayer. However, the multiplayer mode only allows up to 2 players at a time. 1 player mode brings challenges with each level from easy to difficult. Each level will take players to 1 different map to fight. The mission and the name of the map are displayed at the beginning of each level. To open doors that appear along the way, you need to use switches or collect special keys. Note that in single-player mode, Quake quests take place in a pre-programmed sequence. It means you cannot select and play any of the missions in the game.

Besides fighting enemies along the way, you need to focus on completing the requirements of each level. At the end of each mission, you have a chance to find information related to Shub-Niggurath to protect the Earth. And 2 player mode will bring insane deathmatch challenges. This deathmatch map is called The Court of Death. It was built with its own structure with tons of challenges and different types of monsters. You will surely have crazy shooting experiences like never before on any video game before.

Weapon system

The number of weapons Quake (Nintendo 64 version) is relatively diverse. You can pick up new weapons along the way or equip them from the store. Usage is simple, but securing enough ammunition for each weapon is relatively difficult. Facing multiple enemies and their onslaught requires you to have quick reflexes. Good reflexes will help you find safe hiding positions and attack properly to destroy your enemies.

Besides, each enemy in the game will have different characteristics. For example, certain types of enemies can be easily defeated after a few shots. However, some of them have a high defense that you have to attack continuously to destroy them. In particular, along the way, there are various pitfalls that appear randomly. They can cause you to become trapped and lose HP to death.

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