[Nintendo 64] Quake II

Quake II
Full nameQuake II
File size10.7MB
Genre Action , Shooter
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

After 1 year of being released, Quake received a lot of positive feedback from many players worldwide. Since then, Quake II was released in 1999 to continue the story from its predecessor. The game was available in US and European markets, exclusive to the Nintendo N64.

The highlight of this version compared to the first version is that it allows 4 players to join the fight. In the old version, the game only allowed 2 players. Besides, the combat mission system is also designed more diverse, which will give players many unexpected challenges to complete. Also, the background of the game involves the Earth being invaded by an alien force. This alien race called the Strogg. At this point, humanity was in danger of destruction when it was unable to stop the onslaught of enemies. Therefore, the leaders of the world have come up with one final countermeasure.

Specifically, they sent the most powerful warriors of Earth to the planet of Strogg to destroy enemy production facilities. From there, the Strogg army that was invading the Earth will have to return. However, this campaign is dangerous because the Earth soldiers could be killed and never returned to Earth.

Moreover, your combat missions will take place in phases. Each stage will offer different goals for you to overcome. Besides, each mission will take you to a different area on the enemy’s territory. With the 1st perspective, players will have to destroy all enemies along the way. Players also have to deal with a large number of enemies. To complete the mission and survive the battle, you need to quickly destroy the enemy and collect the recovery items, such as armor repair, life healing…

In which, the recovery items will be arranged in different locations on the way. Gamers should try to collect all the support items to ensure the best performance. Also, the game is designed with a variety of weapons for the player to use. You can find them on the way, some of which will have a limited amount of ammunition. So, players need to use them appropriately. On the way, there are many obstacles and pitfalls that you need to pay close attention to dodge them. The best way to avoid the enemy’s attack is to create safe distances or hide behind obstacles.

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