[Nintendo 64] Rakuga Kids

Rakuga Kids
Full nameRakuga Kids
File size10.1MB
Genre Fighting
Region Europe Europe
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Rakugakids possesses an easy-to-see visual system and simple but interesting combat content. You will participate in fighting matches in 2 game modes, consisting of the multiplayer or single-player. This game was released in Europe on 4th, December 1998, and in Japan on July 23, 1998.

During the fighting process, gamers can punch or kick your opponent with 3 kicks and 3 punches. Combining the above basic attack skills with many clever moves will help you quickly beat your competitors. These combinations are called combos, which are also known under another name in the game called Magic. Besides, there are 3 different Magic styles for you to use when fighting. The game displays them in the lower part of the screen.

Also, Rakugakids has an intuitive design with 4 different game modes, including Story Mode, VS Mode, Training Mode, and Practice Mode. In Story Mode, players can join the battle in a certain order. To participate in new battles in this mode, you need to defeat opponents at the current level. Besides, VS Mode offers multiplayer battles, in which 2 players will be able to choose any character to use. Before participating in the above 2 game modes, players can explore Training Mode or Practice Mode. With these two modes, you will get used to the attack skills of each character. Besides, it also gives many different tips to help you beat your opponent easily in each match.

In addition to the above 4 fascinating gameplay, the game also offers a variety of characters with unique fighting skills for you to explore. In which, there are 7 basic characters and 2 mysterious characters (2 bosses of the game). 

Besides, the seven basic characters are:

  • Mamezo: This character is based on the yellow boogeyman with a green cloak. 
  • Robot CHO: The robot has the ability to transform into various types of metal to fight.
  • Beartank – a blue bear with the ability to transform into a tank. This is the strongest character in the game.
  • Marsa: She is a witch, who can jump triple times in the air.
  • Astronots – the main character and an astronaut (designed based on Buck Rogers). He uses fictional weapons to defeat his enemies.
  • Captain. Cat. Kit – A cat dressed in a hip hop and breakdance style. To move around, it uses Brass Instruments in combat. 
  • Finally, Cools. Roy. This character is designed based on the western American cowboy style. 

Also, the two bosses of the game are Inuzo and Darkness. In which, Inuzo is a sub-boss, which is designed similar to Mamezo (only with different walking methods). Darkness is a 3-headed dog with the ability to transform and is the main boss of the game.

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