[Nintendo 64] Rally Challenge 2000

Rally Challenge 2000
Full nameRally Challenge 2000
File size9.0MB
Genre Racing
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Rally Challenge 2000 is a racing game for Nintendo 64. SouthPeak Games developed and released it on August 6, 2000. Before that, Rally Challenge 1999 was released and was considered the predecessor of this version. Currently, only 2 versions of this game have been released.

Rally Challenge 2000 offers a lot of cool customizations so you can freely explore many interesting races. The game has 9 different racing styles for you to use. Each car is characterized by its own specifications such as Speed, Steering, and Torque. You also see many famous car manufacturers appearing in this game such as Subaru, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen. In addition, there are 4 main game modes available to explore including Arcade, Championship, Practice, and VS Race.

Arcade is the most basic and easy to understand game mode. Before each race, you will choose its difficulty. Easy, Medium, and Expert levels are available. Each level will bring 3 different types of tracks. Each race will take you to any 1 country in the world. After choosing the level you want to explore, you are free to choose and compare 1 of 9 available cars for use. Next, the game will provide 3 different options are Time, Course, and Weather. They help you grasp the background and other conditions of the track in which you will be competing. During the race, you will not see maps, which are always present in a racing game. Instead, it displays different signs as you navigate areas of complex terrain. From there, you will make reasonable adjustments to be able to drive safely and pass these areas.

Similar to some other racing games, the races in Rally Challenge 2000 will have limited time. Therefore, you need to quickly move through the Check Points on the way to get more time. In 1 race, you have to face up to 8 different opponents. At the first race, you will start in 9th place. Coming to 2nd race, your starting position will correspond to the ranking position you achieved in the previous race. As for the 3rd race and the last race, you need to win 1st place to receive the championship cup.

Championship will bring more attractive customization than Arcade mode. You will have to complete 9 different races (compared to 3 in Arcade) to finish the tournament. In addition, you are also allowed to edit your racing car as you like. Racing car customization not only changes the color of the car, but also improves its specifications. The available upgrade options are tire changes, steering changes and suspension upgrades. In Practice mode, players are allowed to choose any car or track to experience and practice their own driving skills. Finally, VS Race offers an engaging race between many players. This is probably the most interesting mode of the game. This mode allows 4 players to participate in a race to find the champion.

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