[Nintendo 64] Rampage 2 – Universal Tour

Rampage 2 – Universal Tour
Full nameRampage 2 - Universal Tour
File size10.0MB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

In 1999, Midway continued to release Rampage 2: Universal Tour version on Nintendo 64, Play Station and Game Boy platforms. The game is the 3rd part of this series. It has followed the success of the previous two versions. It retains the same engaging action gameplay with impressive visuals. Many players have appreciated Rampage 2 when it brings completely new experiences compared to many games of the same genre.


The story in the game takes place 2 years after George and two of his friends destroyed all of Scumlabs’ bases. All of them were arrested. Police have detained them in three major cities, London, New York, and Tokyo. A Scumlabs doctor escaped in the final war under George’s pursuit. He began to re-establish his base system and hired new soldiers. The first bases have been located in Salt Lake City. However, the organization’s doctor called for help from three other monsters to rescue George and his friends. They are Boris, Curtis, and Ruby. Boris is a powerful rhino. Curtis is a mouse capable of detecting targets at a long distance. Ruby has the appearance of a giant lobster with incredible strength.

Starting off, you will play as one of these three monsters to search for George’s whereabouts. When George is rescued, you will continue to control him. The goal now is to find Lizzie and Ralph. Thought it all ended when all three characters were rescued, but the aliens have arrived on earth with a plot to destroy everything. Before that situation, George once again began the journey with the army of Scumlabs to act to protect the earth.

Interesting gameplay

George must overcome many challenges in each level to complete his mission. In addition to his two companions, Lizzie and Ralph, he will be fighting alongside Myukus. Myukus is a monster who has taken on the duty of protecting the earth. Planetary monsters appear in many places around the world and you and your team need to go to each city to destroy them. George was brought to Washington in the first level. The four characters use their offensive abilities to destroy enemies. People in some cities have left where they live because they are chased by monsters. With those areas, George will crash into the legs of the buildings until it collapses and the monsters in that building are completely destroyed.

In the remaining four stages, George respectively was taken to Tokyo, New York, Tokyo, and finally the base of the aliens. In later cities, your enemy becomes more aggressive. They also add new skills and are quite difficult to destroy. However, when you kill these monsters, they provide many useful items like energy tanks and weapons when new. The battle at the last alien base will end the game. You will face a lot of traps and a powerful boss. George’s mission is completed when all bases are destroyed and peace is established.

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