[Nintendo 64] Road Rash 64

Road Rash 64
Full nameRoad Rash 64
File size17.4MB
Genre Racing
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Road Rash 64 is a great racing game released by THQ in 1999. It has many differences compared to other games of the same genre. In which players will not participate in a pre-arranged tournament, but you will participate in dangerous races. Road Rash 64 promises to bring players an exciting feeling to experience.

How to play

At the beginning of the game, players will name his racer. After that you can select the racing car. There are many models for you to choose from, including DUMOTO 500, FIRECRACKER 400, RATTLER 600, RAZORBACK 650. Initially, the game gives you $ 2000 in-game currency to buy one of those cars. Each racing car has a different shape, price and indicators. After players choose their favorite racing car, they will start the first race with other nine riders. However, players will not race in the normal way like other racing games. Instead, they have to overtake their opponents by attacking them with punch or kick so that the opponent falls and left behind. When attacked, other riders will counter this action by using long rods to attack the player. Flexible movement is essential to dodge and counter-attack the opponents.

When the player has temporarily led the track, they have to avoid obstacles on the road, such as signs and vehicles on the road. If they collide with these obstacles, the speed of the rider will decrease. It will take them a short time to regain their speed and position. After winning the race, you will receive a lot of bonuses, which you can use to buy more racing cars in the shop. Besides, players will participate in many different tracks to collect bonuses. They should be aware of some sanctions in the game. Some race tracks will appear police. Players would lose a large sum of money if the police detected your attack on another driver. Moreover, the collisions between your vehicle and others or obstacles will cause damage to equipment in your vehicle. If it is badly damaged, the player will lose money to pay the mechanic. A chain car crash occurs when the top driver in the track loses control and causes an accident.

Game mode

In addition to the normal game mode, players can create an optional race track with many hints. They will invest bonuses to build the race with many dangers and challenges other riders. Balancing and flexible controls will help players overcome every race easily.

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