[Nintendo 64] Roadsters Trophy

Roadsters Trophy
Full nameRoadsters Trophy
File size8.2MB
Genre Racing
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Roadsters Trophy is a racing game from Nintendo 64 developer. It has the familiar racing gameplay. However, the game maker has made many changes in terms of the characters and racing cars to attract players.

The game includes two game modes: challenge and training. Players will choose a training mode to understand how to control and familiarize themselves with the map. After that, you can select one of the available riders. Players start the training track with a random car and 7 other riders. They will go through 4 races to find the winner. After finishing the practice mode, they are transferred to the main screen and start the challenge.

In addition, players can participate in many different tracks with many terrains and weather conditions. Gamers will control one of the eight excellent riders, Billy, Ricky, Theo, Mr. Slim, Reyna, Becca, Marie and Jane. The next option for players is the challenge mode. In which, the game provides you with many racing cars from famous car manufacturers in the world such as Mercedes, Toyota, Renalt… Players can choose an original vehicle with a favorite color. Each racing car has different indicators, such as maximum speed and stability. The speed and power of the car are displayed on the screen. In addition to facing 7 other players, the racer needs to react quickly before the planes appear suddenly in the sky. If the player collides with a car or encounters an airplane, their race car will explode, and they will delay your game a short time before you can continue the race. After each race, riders will receive a reward.

Each race has different difficulty levels and terrain, giving players new challenges. Obstacles that appear randomly on terrains like a blizzard or a large stone placed on the track will affect the outcome of the game. Drivers will stop and overcome their opponent by forcing the opponent’s racing car out on the track. When you leave the track, you will lose balance, causing the vehicle to slow down. Besides, the car will be accelerated when it releases energy.

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