[Nintendo 64] Rocket – Robot On Wheels

Rocket – Robot On Wheels
Full nameRocket - Robot On Wheels
File size7.6MB
Genre Platform
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

Rocket: Robot on Wheels is an adventure game, which was released by Ubisoft in 1999. Its background is set in the future when the robot grows strongly and participates in most human activities. In the game, Gavin, a famous PhD from the Whoopie World park, created Rocket to serve himself. The rocket was tasked with taking care of the two mascots in the park, Whoopie and Jojo while Gavin was away. Intending to escape the park and destroy the Rocket premiere, Jojo destroyed the cage and took all of Gavin’s tickets. Rocket woke up and saw Jojo was kidnapping Whoopie and harassed visitors. In order not to be discovered by Gavin, Rocket quickly chased Jojo and rescued Whoopie.

As about gameplay, players will control Rocket to complete the mission. He had to go around the park areas to search for information about Jojo on a unicycle. The game has 6 stages with many obstacles and traps. In the first stage, Rocket began exploring the buildings in the park. He discovered that one of the rollercoasters was missing some screws. To fix it, Rocket had to look and collect those screws on a lawn. Bonuses and attractive items will appear when he rebuilds that machine. Also, he found stolen tickets from Jojo during the investigation.

In the next stage, Rocket found an empty car and used it to quickly complete the mission before Gavin came back. Besides, the devices were arranged at the wrong places, and Rocket had to enter a game mode to restore the park map. Rocket created a pitching game. Completing this game mode helps him find the map and bonus. Rocket, in turn, goes through the remaining stages with increasing difficulty. A conversation between him and Jojo takes place before the final stage begins. From the clues obtained, he reached the end of the park and caught Jojo. After defeating Jojo, Rocket successfully rescues Whoopie and back to the park. Dr. Gavin returned and did not know what had just happened. Gavin took the invitation and continued to leave the house. During this time, Rocket will carry out repairs to Jojo’s remaining consequences. In the end, the game ended when the launch of Rocket was held, and the park was renamed into RocketLand.

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