[Nintendo 64] Star Wars – Shadows Of The Empire (V1.2)

Star Wars – Shadows Of The Empire (V1.2)
Full nameStar Wars - Shadows Of The Empire (V1.2)
File size10.8MB
Genre Action , Adventure
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

In Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire, gamers will control Dash RWiki, who uses a pistol with an unlimited number of bullets to attack and destroy all enemies along the way. Besides, players can upgrade and equip items for Dash to complete tasks such as jetpack and weapons. The entire story of the game directly affects the gameplay in the order available then the player needs to understand the story when participating in the game. Earlier, Leebo and RWiki carried supplies to Echo Base for supplying weapons, food, medicine… to the teammates. At this time, Dash pilot returned from the Battle of Hoth because his plane was badly damaged. But Dash encountered an enemy and led to an unexpected fight. Leebo promptly rescued Dash. The two men successfully went to a small planet to escape from the pursuit of AT -ST.

In chapter 2 of the game, the event Empire Strikes Back ends, and Dash is searching for Boba Fett to find out Han Solo’s location. After finding that Boba Fett’s teammate IG-88 is repairing a broken spaceship on the planet Ord Mantell, he hunted IG-88 to find out where Fett is hiding on the planet Gall. After a few incidents, Dash could not arrest Boba Fett one more time. Also, there was a rumor spread that Darth Vader’s location would be captured by Boba Fett when Skywalker was killed by Jabba the Hutt. This is a powerful henchman of Prince Xizor. The secret has begun to unfold, and Dash knows that Xizor is behind everything.

In chapter 3: Dash joins a fight to destroy the gang Kenobi’s when he saw Jabba meets Obi-Wan Kenobi. After that, Luke went to Dash to talk about the information inside a supercomputer on the great cruise Imperial Freighter. Dash saw a new clue and began to steal the computer from Imperial Freighter, as well as continue searching for his teammates.

In chapter 4: From the computer, Chewbacca and Dash knew the location of Xizor’s palace on the planet Coruscant and began the rescue campaign for Princess Leia. After fighting a lot of dangerous opponents like Dianoga and Droid, Xizor went to the Skyhook space station to seek aid. Dash immediately chased and destroyed every part of Skyhook to kill Xizor. However, a massive explosion from Skyhook happened. Dash and Xizor were thought to have died in this explosion.

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