[Nintendo 64] The New Tetris

The New Tetris
Full nameThe New Tetris
File size9.3MB
Genre Puzzle
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Emulator)

The New Tetris is an interesting puzzle game released by H2O Entertainment in 1999. The game content is very simple and familiar to most people who love the puzzle game genre. The New Tetris has appeared on mobile phones and game consoles. With the version on Nintendo 64, players will have great gaming moments when playing games on a large screen.

How to play

In the game, players can choose the difficulty level before starting to play. There are three levels for you to choose from, including easy, medium and hard. Gamers will take turns to choose the levels to challenge themselves and increase their thinking ability. As about the gameplay, you will control blocks of tetrominoes and drop them from the top of a box. Each piece of tetrominoes has different shapes, such as squares or L-shape, T bars, etc. They have a unique color for players to recognize. In the easy level, gamers will control the falling point of tetrominoes with slow movement speed to the bottom of the box. It takes up space (depending on the shape of tetrominoes) in the box. When the blocks are stacked, they create multiple vertical columns. A row of tetrominoes disappears when the space at the bottom of the box is filled. The task of the player is to arrange the tetrominoes in unlimited numbers to avoid them reaching the top of the box. If you let them touch reach the top, you will lose, and the game ends. When 100 rows disappear, the speed of the game will be faster. At this point, the player must control quickly to put the tetrominoes in the right position.

The game is known with an algorithm for the paths of tetrominoes blocks. Besides, the order of tetrominoes is also revealed in this algorithm. Players will understand the part of the algorithm when they have experienced The New Tetris many times. When the space between blocks is not filled, it will not disappear and hinder the arrangement of the next tetrominoes. When a tetrominoes block reaches the top of the screen, the player is defeated and must restart the game.

The visual

With a two-player mode, they will, in turn, show their skills to build tetrominoes. You will get a certain number of points when making a row in the box disappear. A chain reaction also occurs when the player aligns the tetrominoes vertically to fill the remaining space. With beautiful images and unique gameplay, players will not get bored after a long time playing the game.

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